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Dr. Irene Rimer, Ph.D.

Philosopher - Metaphysical Counselor - Flamenco Artist

9Th House Café

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Sync into rhythm!



Dunedin, Tampa Bay, Florida

With guitarists Tony Arnold, Roberto Verdi, and Nicholas Shieber. 

 Dance Classes Location:  Patricia Ann Studios, Home of Casa Flamenca 

1260 Friar Tuck Lane. Dunedin, Florida 


We are on summer break

Classes resume July 29th, 2019

11:30 AM to 12 PM - Intro to Flamenco 

12 to 1 PM - Technique Class - All levels Welcome

1 to 2PM - Palos: Tientos, Seguiriyas, Alegrias, Bulerias, Tangos - Int levels

2 to 3PM - Private classes by appointment only

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Port Charlotte, FL 

- Location and Schedule TBA

Metaphysics - Philosophy - Counseling

Philosophy & Metaphysical Counseling


9Th House Counseling Services

  • Self-Knowledge 
  • Vocation 
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Stress & Breaking Bad Habits 

Meditation Dynamics

Meditation Dynamics

Group Mediation Sessions

Rhythm Therapy

Minister Services


Baptisms , Dedications

Marriages, Funerals

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Dr. Irene Rimer, Ph.D.

Port Charlotte, Florida 33952, United States

239-572 3988

Irene Rimer


Peace Of Mind... We Advocate the Golden Rule

Irene Rimer is a Philosopher, Metaphysical Counselor, and Flamenco Artist. She is also an experienced Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in the private industry.  

Ms. Rimer has a Doctorate degree in Philosophy, Masters degree in Metaphysical Counseling, and is also an Ordained Minister of the International Metaphysics Ministry. To her credit, Ms. Rimer completed a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Barry Universiry and post-graduate education at Samford University and the Hebrew University. 

Dr. Irene studied astrology under the mentorship of Stephanie Jean-Clements and the Rosicrucian Fellowship. 

Ms. Rimer's latest books are available at

As an artist, Irene was trained in Ballet by Madam Nina Novak, and was privileged to study Flamenco & Classic Spanish at the prestigious original Amor de Dios studio in Madrid. Once "baptized" by Maria Magdalena with the artistic name "La Chata," Irene performed in the Ferias in Andalusia, and in tablaos in Spain and abroad. Ms. Rimer has shared the stage with Estrella Morena, Pepe de Malaga, Jose Luis Zorrilla, Emilio Prados, Manolo Vargas, Paco & Celia Fonta, La Morita, La China, La Tati, Antonio Serrano, El Nano de Jerez, Gabriela Ortega, Juan el Extremeno, Leo Heredia, Miguel Hernandez, Pedro Genil, Pepe Torremolinos, & Juan de Alba to name a few.  She was El Chino de Malaga prima flamenco dancer and the dance partner of Jose Serrano and Paco del Puerto. As Director at Irene Rimer Dance Academy, she taught Ballet, Flamenco, and Oriental fusion for ten years. The studio was recognized as one of the best dance studios in the Miami area, with a faculty of up to 17 instructors. Irene taught for nine years in Birmingham, Alabama, was in the advisory board, and a member, of the Alabama Dance Council, and has also choreographed for opera companies.  


Mission: A Strong & Collected Mind, A Loving Heart, And A Healthy Body

Counseling Services by request: Self-knowledge, Vocation, Dealing with Circumstances, Astral Analysis, Numerology, Life Coaching, Therapy.

Art Education 

Sync into Rhythm with FLAMENCO

Learn the Art and its essence. 

Oriental Fusions

Performances with Corazon Flamenco & Master Classes


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Books by Irene Rimer on Amazon

Books Available At Amazon

Universal Flamenco


 On Nov. 16th, 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Flamenco is traced to Pythagorean math as framed emotions expressed through this art-form. Align yourself with the universal law of rhythm by the acquisition of rhythmic precision. 

The Gypsies, Keepers of the Mysteries


There is a secret alphabet, known to the Pythagoreas, formed of absolute ideas attached to signs and numbers that when combined reveals the mathematics of thought. King Solomon represented this alphabet by 72 names written on 36 talismans. The Jews attributed it to Enoch, the Egyptians to Thoth or Hermes, and the Greeks to Cadmus and Palamedes. Things discovered and to be discovered today have been known to the ancients who wrote them in hieroglyphs. 

Correspondence in Astrology


Astrology is a language of correspondence, a discovered natural science through which we can find the natural potentials indicated in a planetary natal horoscope of a person, city, country, or event, and make them flourish. We not only have the opportunity of gaining the understanding of others, and personal knowledge, but the attributes of the Inner self which are freely offered within this divine science, as we learn to relate to others, and develop tolerance, respect, and kindness. When we place ourselves in other people’s shoes, and feel what they feel, love can transform us. 

Dating & Love, The Mystical Way


There are not enough books about love; yet, love is what the soul yearns for. How to deal with relationships is not taught in schools, not even at home in most cases. When we do not know, life itself teaches us the lessons of love. Some of these lessons are learned after much suffering and pain. How to avoid the trouble. What to look for in a relationship. How to analyze others and ourselves. How to gain the wisdom to understand why personal relationships may come and go.  

Star Logic


The stellar language will show us our tendencies, the forces that will push or pull us at a certain time in a direction, or where the weak links in our constitution will break if we don't prevent certain conditions, but will not tell us what choices we will make in the future even though the future has already happened in the subconscious mind of the great architect of the universe. This is the reason there are a few that through history have been able to catch glimpses of the future, because we are part of the great mind; however, the stars are forces; they are guides in the sky. They speak to us with geometry and mathematics, and learning their language is of great advantage in life. 

The Invisible Helpers


Meet Ruth Goldstein as she tells her story. "We are at the cusp of the Aquarian age, the year is 2654 AD. The effects of the new age have been felt for quite some time, but most specifically since 2013 when the earth's atmosphere started to change. I have been in this world since 1965. Yes, I’ve lived in concrete existence for six hundred eighty nine years." Experience suspense, shock, action, romance, betrayal, and love during significant Cosmic changes before the day of Emancipation from the flesh and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. 

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