Dr. Irene Rimer, Ph.D.

Philosopher - Metaphysics Practitioner - Accountant

  • Counseling, Accounting,  & Business Start Up
  • Flamenco Artist

Irene Rimer

Irene Rimer

Peace Of Mind... We Advocate The Golden Rule

Irene Rimer is a Philosopher, Christian Metaphysics Practitioner, Ordained Minister, and Book Author. She is also an experienced Accountant, and Flamenco Artist.  

Ms. Rimer has a Doctorate degree in Philosophy, Masters degree in Metaphysical Counseling, and is also an Ordained Minister of the International Metaphysics Ministry. She is available for personal & business counseling, lectures, and services.

Dr. Rimer is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. She studied under the mentorship of Stephanie Jean Clement, and also, the Rosicrucian Fellowship. 

To her credit, Ms. Rimer has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Barry University, and completed post-graduate studies in Business at Samford University; she has worked as an Accountant for 30+ years.  

Dr. Rimer's latest books are available at amazon.com.

As an artist, Irene was trained in Ballet by Madam Nina Novak, and was privileged to study Flamenco & Classic Spanish at the prestigious original Amor de Dios studio in Madrid. Once "baptized" by Maria Magdalena with the artistic name "La Chata," Irene performed in the Ferias in Andalusia, and in tablaos in Spain and abroad. Ms. Rimer has shared the stage with Estrella Morena, Pepe de Malaga, Jose Luis Zorrilla, Emilio Prados, Manolo Vargas, Paco & Celia Fonta, La Morita, La China, La Tati, Antonio Serrano, El Nano de Jerez, Gabriela Ortega, Juan el Extremeno, Leo Heredia, Miguel Hernandez, Pedro Genil, Pepe Torremolinos, & Juan de Alba to name a few.  She was El Chino de Malaga prima flamenco dancer and the dance partner of Jose Serrano and Paco del Puerto. As Director at Irene Rimer Dance Academy, she taught Ballet, Flamenco, and Oriental fusion for ten years. The studio was recognized as one of the best dance studios in the Miami area, with a faculty of up to 17 instructors. Irene taught for nine years in Birmingham, Alabama, was in the advisory board, and a member, of the Alabama Dance Council, and has also choreographed for opera companies.  

Mission: A Strong & Collected Mind, A Loving Heart, And A Healthy Body

Counseling Services: Self-knowledge, Vocation & Business Start-up.

Accounting & Taxes

.  Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Accounting & Tax Service  . Financial Statements . Payroll .  New Corporation Formation & LLCs  . Notary

Art Education 

Sync into Rhythm with FLAMENCO

Learn the Art and its essence. 

Oriental Fusions

Performances, Lectures & Master Classes

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Email: info@irenerimer.com


Upcoming Classes & Events


With guitarists
Tony Arnold, Nicholas Schieber, and Roberto Verdi

Cajon players and palmeros welcome - You must RSVP 

 Location:  Patricia Ann Studios Home of Casa Flamenca 1260 Friar Tuck Lane. Dunedin, Florida 

Flamenco Classes in Dunedin, Tampa Bay, FL

 NEXT!  Sat. Dec 2, 2017 - Last class this year!
Sat. Jan 13 & 27, 2018
       Every other weekend as scheduled

12 to 1PM - Technique I - All Levels.
1PM to 2PM  - Combinations Technique & Alegrias - Int/Adv Levels
2PM to 3PM - Rehearsal/Other Palos & Castanets - Int/Adv


1 hour technique $25, 
2 hours with choreography $45,
3 hours when scheduled $65
Private classes are limited, $100 per hour per person

All Class Fees are due in class. You may prepay using Paypal or bring a check, or exact change to class.

Intro to Belly Dancing in Dunedin, Tampa Bay, FL

Sat. Jan 13 & 27, 2018

Every other weekend as scheduled


11AM to 12PM - Intro to Belly Dancing. Isolations & drills - Beg to Int.

Fusion of Egyptian, Turkish, styles

Fee: $20 per student

Location: Patricia Ann Studios

1260 Friar Tuck Lane. Dunedin, Florida

Philosophy/Astrology/Meditation Classes in Port Charlotte, FL

 Astrology 101
Anything or anyone born at a given point in time and space partakes of the alignment in nature of that point in time and space.

The solar planetary alingment of nature at any given time and space is by divine design. What takes place in the karmic flow from before, now, and tomorrow, with the law of Cause and Effect is profund, brilliant!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

As above, so below. The outer design of solar planetary positions is mirrored as focal points of energy in our subconscious mind. The natal chart is a geometrical spiritual map of our subconscious mind, in which we can work to improve ourselves when we comprehend the areas of life we need to focus on.