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 Fiction novel based on research
Meet Ruth Goldstein as she tells her story. 
"We are at the cusp of the Aquarian age, the year is 2654 AD. The effects of the new age have been felt for quite some time, but most specifically since 2013 when the earth's atmosphere started to change. I have been in this world since 1965. Yes, I’ve lived in concrete existence for six hundred eighty nine years.
 Suspense, Shock, Action, Romance, Betrayal, Love, during significant Cosmic changes that started after the Winter Solstice of 2012.

From the Editor... "I have never enjoyed a book while I was editing it....THIS is the one exception, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. This book has mystery, intrigue and a weaving plot line that will keep you hanging in a tale of fiction, yet filled with spiritual truths, ancient scriptures, stories and more... Bravo, Irene Rimer!"David Hogan

We know about the quantitative attributes of numbers but they also have qualitative aspects; they are much more than tools for counting, but emanations from the one. There can’t be uncertainty or contradiction in nature which can be explained through mathematics based on ancient wisdom.

Mathematics which is a flawless law eliminates feeling and reveals the same truth in abstract as well as the concrete world. As the spirit is submerged in matter while in the material body, it’s under veils of illusion; as one truth is revealed, another greater truth is behind it, and as the veils gradually fall, man evolves by controlling his body with his mind, and regaining the spiritual sight he lost in the learning process of the lessons of the tree of knowledge.

with an additional Flamenco vocabulary contributed by Guitarist Tony Arnold. 
Flamenco can be traced to Pythagorean math. Aling yourself with the law of rhythm!

Flamenco emerged in Southern Spain, Andalusia, of a mixture of Romani and local Andalusian music and dance styles of rooted Jewish, Arabic, and Indian influences. Flamenco influence can also be traced to the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. Its rhythmic melodies are framed within the meter of 12 beat-counts. A brief observation through time from the Pythagorean diatonic scale to Flamenco today.
STAR LOGIC by Irene Rimer


The stellar script reveals what is hidden in our auric atmosphere as well as many other areas of our spiritual and physical lives.

....a few subjects in the Table of Contents:
The Law of Rhythm - The Planets
The Law of Correspondence
“…On earth as it’s in heaven” Matthew 6:10

Emmanuel Swedenborg's contribution to the understanding of the Scriptures

Why we need to know for ourselves.... 

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